An inspiring example of understanding and love

Years ago I knew a woman at college.  She had been a high school basketball player.  I met her through her job at one of the university cafeterias.

We dated for some time.

I graduated and soon lost touch.

A few years back after more than two decades out of contact, she told me through an email that she had come out of the closet, and now had a partner who was female.

She seemed very happy.

The most inspiring part of the story was to hear how her father loved her the same as ever, and both supported her gay partnership, and welcomed his daughter’s partner into the family.

That degree of love, understanding, and morally praiseworthy action on the part of her Mormon father is truly inspiring to me.

It’s an advanced expression of love and understanding.  It’s an unequivocal statement that her father grasps what is truly important in life.


2 thoughts on “An inspiring example of understanding and love

  1. Glen Robert Andersen says:


    That is a great story! There are many that would find it difficult to deal with such a decision by a child, but the thing that is most important is the love that we have for each other. As the scriptures say, “Perfect love casteth out all fear.”

    I am sure that there were many opportunities for growth that came out of your friend’s personal life-style decisions, many of which may be ongoing.

    We all have such opportunities around us. It is when we take them and come to understand what is most meaningful in life that we are blessed.


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