Pitching in to Help Start a Food Co-op in a Low Income Neighborhood

By John O. Andersen

I’m diving into this huge effort; an effort to ultimately bring food security to a low income neighborhood.

Although a late-comer to this undertaking, I’m ready to give my all to make it work.

Back in the fall of 2012, I was in New Orleans. On a Saturday morning walk, I stumbled upon a beautiful food co-op in a neighborhood that included low income housing. It must have been serendipity.

That find is my evidence it can be done. Quality, local food is not just for the rich. Everyone, regardless of income, can have access to affordable healthy food.

What makes this effort easier is knowing that several great food co-ops already exist in the greater Portland, Oregon metro area. Many people from the area will share their expertise.

Local food security is becoming a top priority in communities throughout the USA as people become more aware of the need to grow and produce their own food completely free of chemicals, pesticides, hormones, and other things harmful to humans.

It’s an honor to have this opportunity to join others who are committed to this extremely important work.